Enabling or Helping?
Do You Love an Addict?

Is your loved one's addiction making you sick, unable to sleep, broke or angry?

Feeling desperate, sad and frustrated?

After trying everything, are you wondering what you can do to help? can once again enjoy a life of peace and sanity....if you are willing.


Phone, Skype and On-Site Coaching


    Recovery Life Coach

Chris Harper-

Coaching Family Members of the Alcoholic and Addicted






To provide coaching and support for alcoholics/addicts

and all those who love them

Have you been called an, "enabler?"

Against your own best judgement, do you find yourself rescuing your loved one from his/her own self-created problems?

Are you paying the price for another's poor choice? 

Enabling is a destructive and fear based pattern.

 There is enormous hope for your freedom..


CHRIS HARPER-Recovery Life Coach

Supporting Families of the Addicted

Are you in a program of recovery? you hope to realize a life of sobriety? 

Have you yet to discover your passion, your direction, the plan for which you know you are designed?

Remember..LIVING SOBER..and..RECOVERY is the reward......not the punishment!!