Chris Harper Coaching provides coaching, education, consultation and support for all those who love someone dependent on chemicals, substances or behaviors.

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​​​​​Chris Harper-


Coaching Parents of the Chemically Addicted


 Finding peace within the difficult journey of knowing your adult child is abusing drugs and possible.  It will take commitment... but well worth the effort.  Both you and your substance abuser will benefit.  When taking care of yourself,  your drug abuser will often learn to take care of themselves. You count.....and you have been through enough....

    Recovery Life Coach

CHRIS HARPER-Recovery Life Coach

Finding peace

Have you been called an, "enabler?"

Against your own best judgement, do you find yourself rescuing your loved one from his/her own self-created problems?

Are you paying the price for another's poor choice?  Perhaps you really are "participating?


As a parent myself, I KNOW what is necessary to move away from the chronic concern, obsessive thoughts and the "fixing" behaviors that relieve the anxiety  I was sure I could help my alcoholic kid.  But I couldn't.  You can learn how to stop....But, you WILL need support.

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