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"Though good advice lies deep within the heart, a person with understanding will draw it out."  Proverbs 20:5     

What is a Recovery Life Coach....Sober Coach?

 Recovery Life Coaching...

In this Recovery Life Coaching relationship, you and Chris Harper will partner to create an ongoing professional relationship supporting your sustained and consistent movement toward reaching your desired goals; in recovery, personal dreams, relationships and career.

As a Recovery Life Coach, Chris affirms that there is innate health and wellness in each of her clients and knows each as creative and resourceful. Chris does not not promote or endorse any single or particular way of achieving or maintaining serenity, abstinence or a peaceful existence,  or of reducing suffering from our own or another's addiction. She is focused on coaching each individual toward creating and sustaining a satisfying and meaningful life according to her client's desires.

Through the process of Recovery Life Coaching, clients will deepen their learning, improve their performance and enhance their quality of life. In each session, the client chooses the focus of conversation while Chris listens and contributes observations along will thought provoking  questions. This interaction creates clarity and moves the client toward action. Recovery Life Coaching accelerates the client’s progress in recovery by providing greater focus and awareness of choices, actions, and responsibility. Coaching concentrates on where clients are now and what they are willing to do to enjoy a better tomorrow.

The Coaching process recognizes that results are a matter of the client’s intentions, choices, and actions taken toward building a strong foundation and creating a more positive experience in life, supported by the coach’s efforts and application of the coaching process.

*Inspired by ICF Definition of Coaching

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Sometimes referred to as a Sober Companion, A Sober Coach provides one-on-one support to newly recovering drug addicts and alcoholics. The Sober Coach often accompanies the client during travel and will also attend events where triggers to use alcohol may be troublesome.  The two main goals in hiring a Sober Coach are to; help the client maintain total abstinence from alcohol and drugs, and to establish healthy routines outside of a residential treatment facility. 

CHRIS HARPER-Recovery Life Coach

Supporting Families of the Addicted

Another perspective......."Life Coaching is a supportive way to help people find areas where they are dissatisfied, discover what's getting in their way and create a plan to begin the journey toward a desired outcome."

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  "Coaching is the refined ART of drawing out the client's deepest TRUTH."​         Chris Harper