"It was only with Chris Harpers's help that my son is now in Salvation Army Rehab program.  My son’s addiction has been going on for 10 long years!
    Without her I would not of changed my email address,  phone number or cut off all communication with him for one whole year.  I was a very enabling Mom who continually tried to control his life and his addiction.  Nothing worked!  Chris gave me the strength to move forward with or without him.  I am happy to say he is going on three months! I finally saw him for the first time last week and happily can say he looked the best he has in over 6 years. 

    Chris is hard when you need her to be,  but also will cry with you.  She understands addiction!  She is truly the best!"

                                                       Joanne P.  Aug. 2017

"I felt like I was going nuts.  My son had twisted up my life and my emotions to where I was hating him and life in general.  I cried all the time and screamed and yelled at my son every time I had the opportunity.  Since seeing Chris, I have gone through a lot of changes and now I am experiencing peace, most of the time.  It wasn't until I let go and trusted God, but my son is now sober.  Whether he drinks again or not, I will continue to take care of myself and practice what I've learned.  It's a miracle.  I even sleep well."    Andie  J.    Feb. 2017

"I have known Chris previous to her life-coaching experience and then finally was introduced to her also after she became a life-coach. Chris is a strong, spiritual woman who knows her boundaries and has deep compassion for other human beings. She has brought out the deeper and true part of my being, so I can more become a more spiritual and whole person while on this earth. Enough can’t be said about Chris and her down to earth experience."
                                                                                                                                   Marco R. October 2013
CHRIS HARPER-Recovery Life Coach

Supporting Families of the Addicted

"Chris helped me to see the deep parts of me I had ignored for many, many years.  She kept asking questions until I saw for myself why I had trouble making decisions and stepping toward the life I knew I wanted.  I had to make decisions I knew were
right  for me but made others wonder.  Thank you for helping me
find courage, Chris!"    
                  Jenny H.   Aug. 2014

What her clients say..............