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Workshops ​​

Families of the Alcoholic and/or Drug Addicted

    Included in this Two Hour Workshop is an interactive, kinesthetic exercise designed to demonstrate a “physical” boundary, a PowerPoint teaching on “emotional” boundaries and group discussion on creating and establishing Boundaries.  Also included will be education surrounding boundary violations and how to firmly establish and support one’s own personal boundaries.  We will form personal and individual lists describing our own boundaries regarding our addicted loved ones and then create ideas on how to stay accountable to ourselves.

Addiction and the Brain
    After viewing the film, Pleasures Unwoven, this 2 1/2 Hour Workshop will educate families with information necessary to understand more clearly the brain activity of the addicted.  With more knowledge of what is happening in the brain of an addicted loved one, families can create more productive pathways for their own recovery.  Included will be education, group discussion, handouts and the development of productive forward moving actions. 

Healthy Helping VS. Enabling    
    Within this 2-Hour Workshop,  families will be educated on the differences between “helping” our loved ones and “enabling” our loved ones.  With an informative PowerPoint, hypothetical interaction and handouts, the families will gain a clearer understanding of what may and may not be productive for not only their own recovery, but the recovery of their addicted loved one.  Truly, a bulk of information supporting healthy interactions with those in addiction and/or recovery.

Family Education About Recovery
    The curriculum within this 2 Hour Workshop includes twelve educational facts/lessons about addiction and being in relationship with the addict.  Included are lessons on; adult behaviors, delayed emotional growth and enabling.  We’ll also cover suggestions on implementation and support.  The solutions to a family member’s “state of chaos” can be found within this Workshop thereby changing the dynamic within the relationships surrounding addiction.

What is a Healthy Adult Relationship?
    Group discussion, PowerPoint education and interactive exercise are all included in this powerful and informative 2-Hour Workshop. With our family systems being in disarray, learning the fundamental truth of “powerlessness” is essential in order to thrive in all of our adult relationships.  We will learn and explore Twelve Principles for interacting as healthy adults.  Incredibly supportive information for families of the addicted.

Clients Within Treatment and Recovery

Vision/Dream Board 
    Within this Three Hour Workshop, clients will experience an interactive exercise designed to “drill down” deep into the cache of dreams and visions addiction ultimately entombs.  Clients will enjoy an inspirational PowerPoint created to reflect and move one’s mind into themselves, what they truly want, what they dream of and to the future they desire.  Also included is education on why the Vision Board works and then the actual hands-on creation of a Vision Board.  I bring all necessary supplies.

EMO Education
    While potentially intimidated by the thought of vulnerability, this Two Hour Workshop grants an incredibly safe environment with humor, visual stimulation and kinesthetic activity while exploring the eleven main emotions.  With visuals, we will define an emotion, learn questions to ask within an emotion, recognize intensification of an emotion and finally, the true messages of emotion.   Your clients will gain an appreciation of their emotional selves, the value of allowing emotion to express and how to manage each emotion.  Truly, a valuable resource in living life, “on life’s terms.”

Healthy Boundaries In Sobriety
    This workshop will prove valuable for every client within the early months of sobriety.  In this workshop, we will, a) learn the definition of a boundary, b) define one’s own boundaries and, c) learn how to appropriately establish our boundaries.  With a PowerPoint presentation, handouts and a kinesthetic interactive exercise, clients will gain a new sense of personal power within their relationships as a result of this workshop. 

Using Your Voice
    This Workshop will empower clients to use their own authentic voice to express their true authentic selves.   With written exercises and interactive activities, those in recovery will gain new understanding of why “using your voice,” has such power for staying sober.  Education by handouts, explanation, education and visuals will be included as well as discussion of fears and blockades to using one’s voice.  We will explore everyday situations where “using your voice” is often avoided and instead replaced with “people-pleasing,” then we will gain and practice healthy ways of expressing our own truth.    Powerful, life changing interactive workshop!

CHRIS HARPER-Recovery Life Coach

Supporting Families of the Addicted